How To Whiten Teeth When There’s No Toothpaste At Home?


Most of us have heard and even used a short rhyme as kids, “Yellow, yellow, dirty fellow!” Who came up with it isn’t known to many, but we certainly do not like to see something yellow, especially something which should be white. When it comes to teeth, white is the only color anyone will opt for.

But it isn’t only about looking clean and attractive. White sparkling teeth also means that you have great oral health. But, what will you do, if you suddenly run out of toothpaste at home? Maybe we simply forgot to refill the stock. Or, maybe, we completely forgot to pack it while going out on the trip! That happens, isn’t it? And if we are to go out somewhere immediately then buying a toothpaste and coming back to brush isn’t an option at all times. Smelly mouth is such a disgusting thing! So, what’s the solution then?

Whiten your teeth without toothpaste

Believe it or not, you can actually make your teeth white and shining even without using toothpaste. And, this can come real handy in emergency situations. Teeth whitening products are extremely high in demand. The annual teeth whitening industry revenue generation is at a whopping US $14Bn.You can well imagine the craze to have whiter teeth and the enormity of this problem. However, you can significantly reduce the cost if you are whitening your teeth at home. Here are a few ways to whiten your teeth even if you do not have a toothpaste at home.

Oil pulling

Hands down, this is the most popular and most effective means of making your teeth white at home without the use of any type of chemical compounds. The best part is that this process does not have any side effect and can be easily followed by anyone on a regular basis.

Oil pulling involves swishing your mouth with oil for about 20 minutes. You can use almost any type of oil, but coconut oil will be the best choice because of its additional positive properties and the fresh smell that it leaves behind.

Oil pulling will also help you against gingivitis and control tooth decay. It is a detoxing activity that will get you whiter teeth quite fast.

Baking soda

Use of baking soda can be quite effective if you are trying to remove the plaque, one of the primary reasons behind your yellow teeth. Even though many will say that baking soda isn’t a safe choice, it is actually quite soft and regulated amount can be used on a regular basis. Many whitening toothpastes even contains baking soda.

Diluted Hydrogen peroxide

This might sound ominous, but only if you are overdoing it. Remember, you need to use just 1% to 1.5% diluted hydrogen peroxide. This will be enough to make your teeth shine. Though, do not expect overnight result. Keep using it in short spells of a week or two and then giving it a break. It should not cause any harm. You can dilute it with the help of some tap water.

Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal has the property to bind to almost anything it comes in contact with. Thus, use of small amount of activated charcoal can actually get rid of the plaques. However, do not overdo it. Use it for about two weeks and then leave it.

Paper towel

Unconventional, but highly effective in case of an emergency. Simply wrap the paper towel around your finger and use it to brush your teeth. It will quickly remove plaques from the surface and make your teeth whiter. Rinsing with water for a long time will make it even better and remove the smell.

Even though the teeth whitening industry is pretty large and seeing an enormous profit, only 24% orthodontists will suggest whitening treatment. It seems homemade methods are quite effective anyway.