Top 8 Mobile App Development Companies


Having a quality mobile application is very important for all types of business today. If you are looking for a new mobile application for your business, hiring a mobile app development company to handle all phases of the development would be a good idea. There are eight mobile app development companies in particular that can provide you with great service and a quality final product.

1. OpenXCell

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When you are looking for a leading app development company, OpenXcell could be the best option.

This company is based in Sunnyvale, CA and is widely considered to be one of the best in the industry today.They are able to provide you with a variety of unique app development solutions and have created some very popular apps for a variety of companies in different industries.

2. IndiaNIC Infotech

One of the oldest app development companies in the industry today is IndiaNIC Infotech.

This company is based out of Sunnyvale as well and has been in business for nearly 20 years.

While the company started as a software development company, they have continued to develop and transform their app development area of their business.

3. Sphinx Solutions


If you are looking for a company that is younger and still growing its app development wing, Sphinx Solutions is a good option.

Sphinx Solutions was formed in 2010 as an IT firm but has slowly grown into one of the top development companies in the industry.


4. Willow Tree

Another app development company that is considered one of the leaders in the industry is Willow Tree.

This company has continued to grow and develop due to its strong reputation for quality and service. It has a very relaxed company culture that allows for free thinking and creativity.

5. Zymr

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While there are some mobile app companies that are very general and build for all sorts of businesses and uses, Zymr focuses on one specific area.

The company likes to help companies by building cloud-based storage solutions and app management that can help a company to better manage its data.

6. ScienceSoft

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While many of the app development companies today are relatively new, ScienceSoft was continued to be a major company in the IT industry for decades.

The company was founded in 1989 and has been one of the leaders ever since.

They have recently built out their app development wing and have helped to build apps for eBay and a variety of other top firms.

7. Appster

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This company continues to develop a reputation for being one of the top development companies around today.

One of the reasons why the company continues to be so successful is that it has a strong team of more than 300 developers. These developers work on teams together to ensure that all apps are working well and as good as possible.

8. Apptraction

This mobile app company has created a variety of apps for some Fortune 500 companies and leading tech firms. Apptraction has a team of dedicated app development employees that help to find unique solutions for their customers to ensure they are getting the best app possible.