4 Advice for Buying Futons on Any Budget


Western-style futons are a type of furniture designed with utility and practicality in mind. Taking inspiration from sofa-bed designs, futons can shift between a sofa or couch shape, and the shape of a bed.

Where sofa-beds are designed to hide the bed in a fold-away compartment under or behind the cushions of the sofa, futons are designed with a modular frame and bending mattress which serves as both the mattress itself and the couch cushions. By pulling a futon out, or pushing it in, you can quickly switch between a stylish couch and a comfortable bed.

Futons are a popular option among space conscious individuals who enjoy multipurpose furniture and clean open spaces. Students may gravitate towards choosing a futon to save money from buying a separate couch and bed, and of course, to manage space. Offices can easily be made into multipurpose guest rooms with the use of a futon, and even main entertainment spaces can appreciate a high-quality futon as the main seating option.

Choosing the right futon is more similar to choosing a quality couch or bed than many tend to think. A high-quality futon that meets your needs is guaranteed to stand the test of time, remain sturdy, and provide comfort without slacking on style. Before selecting a futon, it’s important to first establish what your needs are, and below, we’ll look at a few key points to consider.

1. Where Will Your Futon be Placed

Although it may sound silly, it’s important to think about where you intend for your futon to be used. Futons come in all shapes and sizes, with plenty of materials and styles to choose from. Depending on where you intend to place the futon, you may prefer a design which focuses on a particular style in order to fit the aesthetic of a room, or strictly require comfort and practicality.

2. Think About Size Requirements

Before really looking into the vast quantity of futons available, it’s essential to first decide what size you need and to double check that it’s intended space will accommodate it well. The size of a futon will naturally impact its price, although not as much as it would for a more traditional bed. With the correct measurements in mind and a decision about size made, you’ll quickly narrow your search efforts, which will help to find the right setup.

3. Find the Perfect Mattress

Shopping for the perfect futon mattress is much the same as searching for a bed mattress. Futon mattresses come in a variety of thicknesses with varying degrees of support. Mattresses can be made from a wide variety of materials, and the primary purpose of the futon is important to consider while choosing a mattress.

If your futon is likely to be used most often as a couch, and only very occasionally as a bed, prioritizing a strong mattress that keeps a durable shape is ideal. If a mattress will primarily and frequently be used for sleeping purposes, then investing in a coil spring mattress may be worthwhile for added sleeping comfort and support.

4. Choose a Frame

When looking at futon frames, it helps to already know which mattress you want. Mattress size and purpose can impact frame choice in a pretty meaningful way, with heavier, sturdier mattresses demanding bulkier or strengthened frames. Thin mattresses and those intended largely to be slept on may only require a light-weight frame. Of course, the style of any given frame may be important for your needs as well.

Finding the perfect futon doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Futons can be as comfortable and stylish, or minimalist and practical as you could ever need. There are countless options available, and with a bit of searching, you’re bound to find a futon which can provide endless comfort well into your future.