5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas and Popular Techniques


If you’re in real estate, one of the things you’ll want to accomplish is to build your customer base. This will take time and effort on your part to achieve, but is likely to be worthwhile when you have a large list of clientele.

The best way to make this possible is working to market your real estate business in the most effective way. Here are five real estate marketing ideas that can help you attract more customers:

1. Use social media

It’s a great idea to get social if you want to attract the most business possible. Setting up several different accounts on various social media platforms is sure to be one of the best things you can do.

Many people view social media every single day, and if you want to attract customers, this is one of the best ways to do so. Be sure to post, tweet and update your accounts routinely to allow you to have the most success.

2. Create a business card

You may meet many people each day just doing the things you need to accomplish. One of the ideal things you can do is have a business card ready to hand out to others just in case you’re out and about a lot.

Of course, you’ll want to have a professional looking card to hand out all of the time. You’ll want to include your business name and phone number for others to be in contact with your both easily and quickly.

3. Put up a website

There’s little doubt that most people look online several times throughout the day for various things. Having a site can be one of the most effective ways to add more customers to your database.

You’ll want to be certain that it’s informative and lists the various services that you offer. Provide some personal information about how you got into the real estate business to help you get noticed. Most potential clients will be interested in learning some things about you.

In addition to your website, you should also consider setting up other real estate technology and software, such as a CRM. Real estate CRMs like Contactually and other Contatually alternative brands all offer features that will improve the marketing efficiency of a real estate agent.

4. Make a newsletter

Adding a spot on your website for people to sign up to get a newsletter is ideal. This can help you learn of various people’s address and can be the key to obtaining more clients.

One thing you’ll want to do is make specific your newsletters are informative and offer the right details. Take time to think of various topics to make your blogs about if you want to spark interest from others.

5. Create flyers

Another thing you can do that may help increase your real estate business is making flyers. Having these to hand out at your local grocery store or other location is a great idea. If possible, you may even put some on cars in the parking lot where this is allowed. The good news is that you’re sure to have more clients as a result of your hard work and effort.

Taking the time to make the most of your business is essential during any stage. If you wish to have a successful real estate company, you’ll need to do the right amount of work to make it happen. This means marketing yourself as much as possible and doing so on a regular basis. There’s no better way for you to make the money you need to earn a decent living. Put your real estate business first, and you’ll always come out ahead in the long run. Start your marketing efforts today to reap the benefits of doing so tomorrow!