How to Recruit Millennial Talent in 2018


The world of recruiting talent, especially millennial professionals, has evolved. No longer do you only need to rely on cold-calling or visit expos to find the best of the best. They’re all online.

For recruitment agencies and companies looking to fill positions or attract some new blood, it has become easier and harder at the same time. On one had, you have a massive amount of candidates out there, but then you need to pick only a few from the hundreds.

Another challenging layer is the fact that millennials are different from their generational predecessors. They want more than a paycheque, a 9-5 existence, and a gold watch in their retirement. You need to offer them this.

So, how exactly can your recruitment agency or your human resources department recruit millennial talent in 2018?

Here are five tips to recruit millennial talent in 2018:

1. Being Known as a Great Employer

What is your reputation?

Sure, you know that your brand is well-respected and celebrated in the marketplace and business community. But what about with your personnel? That is a question many can’t answer.

In recent years, there have been multiple websites formed to allow employees to vent, rate their employers, and pen reviews about their experience at a particular company. These have been go-to sources for today’s generation of workers.

For a company that respects its employees, it isn’t concerned about these web portals. For company that disrespects its employees, its management likely perspires thinking about it.

In the end, in order to tap into an impressive talent pool, you need to be known as a great employer. Remember, young workers aren’t just looking for a paycheque and a permanent position, they want something more: respect, work-life balance, and meaning.

2. EVP Will Always Attract the Best

This perhaps ties into the previous point, but there is an acronym you need to embrace: Employee Value Proposition, or EVP. Whether you’re doing the recruiting yourself or you’re taking advantage of a recruitment agency, this idea must be conveyed.

But what is it exactly? It’s simple:

  • Offer a competitive salary, one that is higher than your rival.
  • Highlight some your flexibility (remote, work from home, hours).
  • Autonomy: your staff is rarely micromanaged.
  • Employees are rewarded for dedication, perseverance, and going above and beyond.
  • The work environment isn’t stressful.

These are elements of EVP that can obtain and retain incredible talents.

3. Utilizing Modern Tools to Find Candidates

Back in the old days, jobseekers would purchase a newspaper, scan through the classified ads, and call the company about the position. Today, that would be laughable to the average young professionals. It’s all about the Internet and social media to find work.

So, rather than attempting to get the candidates to locate your job ads, you should reach out to them in their domains.

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and the myriad of other websites where they are situated.

4. Determining If Applicants Have Soft Skills

Experts say that there is a soft skills gap in the labour market right now.

Sure, young professionals are the most educated and tech-savvy in the history of the world. But they are severely lacking in basic functions essential to corporate settings: communication, arriving to work on time, avoiding Facebook, critical thinking (without the help of Siri or Cortana), and positivity.

Many businesses have had to turn down perfectly qualified candidates because they lacked these important attributes.

5. Place a Spotlight on the Current Team

When you want to prove that your company is a fun, exciting, neoteric, and adaptable company and workplace, then you or your recruitment agency should place a spotlight on the current team. This could consist of YouTube videos, Vines, blog posts, or testimonials from employees.

By doing this, you showcase your personality.

Recruiting talent isn’t easy. There are just so many great candidates out there who can really add something to any business. The problem is finding them, as well as retaining them. You can kill two birds with one stone by employing the right employment agencies and the right recruiting strategies to ensure you nab the best who will stay with the firm.