8 Best Ways on How to Be a Mascot


Whether your goal is to represent a sports team or a business, to march in a parade or to bring some fun to happy children’s birthday parties, there are many reasons why you might want to become a great mascot. Mascots need amazing costumes, but they also need to gain some knowledge and to acquire some skills so they can perform their best.

If you want more mascot tips and tricks, here are the eight best ways on how to be a mascot:

1. Think about your mascot’s personality

Mascots have larger than life personalities, and yours should be no exception. If you will be the mascot of a sports team or a brand, maybe they will have instructions for you. Do they want their mascot to be fierce, or shy and goofy?

If you don’t have any instructions, take a good look at your mascot costume, and try to imagine which traits of character your mascot should have.

2. Watch other mascots perform

Mascots need to exaggerate their movements, especially if they will be performing in front of a large crowd. Try to watch other mascots perform, so you will have a better idea of how you should move when you wear your costume.

If you can’t make it to a parade or a sports game, you should be able to find many videos featuring mascots online.

3. Think about how you will express different emotions

Mascots usually don’t talk, so you’ll need to learn how to express different emotions with your body. Try to figure out what your mascot will do when it feels sad, happy, scared, excited, or timid.

Use your hands and your arms to convey your emotions, and don’t be afraid to jump up and down, to run around, or to get down on one knee.

4. Practice moving around in your costume

You won’t be a perfect mascot the first time you try on your mascot costume. Mascot costumes are generally heavy, so you will need to practice walking and moving around in your costume until you can feel comfortable.

Practice in front of a large mirror, or film yourself and watch the footage to help you figure out what you should improve.

5. Do what you can to stay cool and hydrated

You’re sure to get hot and sweaty while you’re wearing your mascot costume, so do what you can to stay cool and hydrated. Wear light clothes underneath your costume, and consider wearing a cooling vest, especially if you’re going to perform during the summer.

Many people choose to wear an hydration pack under their costume, so they can drink water without having to remove their mascot head.

6. Remember to always stay in character

When you will be performing with your mascot costume on, there will always be someone watching you. Mascots need to always stay in character.

Even when something that was not planned happens, unless it’s an emergency, be sure to react the way your mascot would react so you won’t be breaking the magic.

7. Don’t let anyone see you out of your costume

Staying in character at all times means you should never let anyone see you when you’re not wearing your costume.

Whenever you need to take a break to relax or go to the bathroom, make sure you are away from the public eye before you remove your mascot head, or your full costume.

8. Have fun!

Finally, don’t forget to have fun! Performing as a mascot demands a lot of energy, but wearing a costume and playing a character that will entertain both children and adults can feel very rewarding.

If you enjoy being a mascot, people will notice it in the way that you perform, and they will enjoy interacting with you.