9 Good Jobs for Senior Citizens and Retirees


For better or for worse, retirement is simply just not what it used to be. People are living longer than ever before and fewer employers are offering the kind of benefits that used to make work-free retirement a viable option. Not to mention, a highly volatile stock market has made it difficult for many to rely on investments which they had once thought would support them.

In some cases, the notion of retirement simply isn’t all that appealing. Many people decide to use this time of their lives to pursue a new interest or turn a hobby into a way to make money. Regardless of the reason behind the decision to continue working as a senior citizen, there are many job opportunities in the market. Below are a few good jobs for senior citizens when they are well into their golden years.

1. Consultants

Consulting is a good job for senior citizens who thoroughly enjoyed their career but is looking to transition into a less structured working routine. A job in consulting allows you to take all your years of experience and the expertise you have cultivated and use it to generate a little extra cash flow. It is often possible to continue working on a part-time basis for a former employer or to use the network you’ve established in the field to find a new gig.

2. Bookkeepers

Due to the fact that most bookkeepers work on a remote basis, it can be a great job for those looking to say goodbye to the 9-5 lifestyle but who would still like to use a skillset that includes a sharp eye for detail. Anyone considering a job as a bookkeeper needs to be comfortable using accounting software, or willing to learn how and should also exhibit good interpersonal skills, as it is important for bookkeepers to have strong a communication ability when dealing with clients.

3. Customer service representatives

It seems there is never a shortage of customer service representative positions available on the job market. Many companies now support their employees working from home. This is a good job for senior citizens, since talking on the phone or by way of chat software can be an interesting way to make some extra money and engage with the public.

4. Cooks

Love to cook? Retirement might offer the perfect opportunity to turn your culinary talents into a new source of income. Cooking for large groups of people also offers a communal working experience that will allow you to meet other people with similar interests while preparing meals for students, hospital patients, or people living at residential facilities.

5. Gardeners

Similarly, if you’ve spent years working in the garden recreationally, retirement can offer a good chance to pursue it on a more professional basis. Offering gardening assistance to home and property owners can be a great way to get to spend time outside, stay in shape, and engage in an activity you enjoy.

6. Pet sitters

For many senior citizens, the days of full-time pet ownership have passed. Taking care of an animal all the time is a lot of work and the energy to keep up with a furry friend simply might not be there anymore. That being said, the companionship of a pet usually offers great benefits, so taking a job as a part-time pet sitter or dog walker can be a great way to enjoy the positive aspects of having a pet as company without getting burnt out.

7. Bloggers

Everyone is interested in something and your golden years can offer a great opportunity to dive deeper into a niche interest and get involved in the community. If you have any writerly inclinations, then blogging can be a great way to turn this new body of knowledge you’re accumulating into cash. The technological savvy required to use most content management systems isn’t too demanding, so blogging is an option for basically anyone who has a way with words.

8. Tutors

Tutoring can be a great way to pass down your knowledge and expertise to the younger generation while maintaining a schedule that offers maximum flexibility. Many retired teachers find much pleasure in part-time tutoring positions and receive great satisfaction from the relationships they are able to maintain with the students they work with. Whether it is simply helping someone improve in a tough subject or assisting in preparation for an important exam, tutoring can be a very rewarding job for senior citizens.

9. Fundraisers

For anyone with a background in sales and marketing, retirement can offer a wonderful opportunity to commit on a more regular basis to a cause they believe in. Fundraisers are a very important part of the non-profit ecosystem and helping to collect monetary donations for a cause that you believe in can be a great way to earn some extra cash while supporting an issue you care about.