6 Essential Tips for Making Your Wedding Guest List


There are a lot of factors that come into play for a wedding to happen. Everything is done with precision to avoid hiccups on the D-day. Apart from the bride and groom, and the marriage certificate, the other important aspect of any wedding is the guest list. After all, you don’t want to forget to send an invitation to someone who is dear to you. Here are some handy tips on wedding guest list etiquette.

1.      Decide on A Budget Based on The Type of Wedding You Want

Decide on a wedding budget

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Before you start to create your guest list, you need to first settle on the kind of wedding you want to have. You also need to weigh your finances against your desires. Every guest on that list is an additional cost so you need to manage the list well. Consider the location, type of guests, meal types, and how the meals will be served.

2.      Ask Parents from Both Sides About Who They Want to Invite

Consult the parents

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One of the worst mistakes you can make is failing to consider the guests your parents would want at the wedding. Your parent will want some of their friends to attend your wedding. If you don’t include these guests on your list, your parents might still invite them. This means that the items you hired from party rentals GTA, such as seats and tables, may not be enough for your guests. Wedding guest list etiquette dictate that you give your parents some leeway. The last thing you want is to have guests who were not included on your list showing up at your wedding.

3.      Invite Your A-List but Also Keep Your B-List In Handy

Prepare your guest list

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Wedding guest list etiquette demands that you prioritize your guests. The A-list comprises of people who cannot afford not to be invited to the wedding. Your immediate family and close friends fall into this category. The B-list should include co-workers, distant relatives, and old friends. Consider the numbers in A-list before you include people in the B-list. This will give you an estimate of the number of people you expect at your wedding.

4.      Decide on Whether to Include Plus -Ones or Not

Include plus-ones

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When you don’t specify whether there are plus-ones allowed, people will assume it is okay to bring an extra person. Without proper planning, this can turn your whole budget upside down. Therefore, if your budget and the guest list do not accommodate plus-ones, let it be known that there are no plus-ones allowed.

5.      Color Code Your List

color code your guest list

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Use colors to represent every group in your wedding. When you color guest groups, it makes it easy for you to tell whether you’ve left any important people out. Also, you can use colored stickers to plan the sitting arrangement.

6.      Use Your Guest List to Confirm All the Details for Your Wedding

Confirm wedding details

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Besides it being a head count reference, you can use your guest list to confirm many other aspects of your wedding. You can use it for address, tracking your RSVPs, gift records, and also as a list for the guests to invite to future events.