Where to Get Free Moving Boxes


When planning a move, one of the ways to cut costs is figuring out ways to make the process as affordable as possible. One way to cut on your moving expenses is by collecting moving boxes as opposed to buying them. You don’t have to fork out cash on things you can get for free when you’re on a budget.

Here is where to get free moving boxes:

1.      On Craigslist

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A quick search on the free section of Craigslist will reveal a multitude of people with items they are willing to give out for free. There is always someone who is looking to give away cardboard boxes. Search for people closest to your home. This ensures that you’ll spend as little as possible transporting the boxes home.

2.      The Freecycle

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Join your local Freecycle group. Search to see if there is anyone offering free moving boxes. If you are not lucky on that day, you can put out a word about it. Hopefully, you will get someone giving some boxes out in the next few days.

3.      Liquor Stores

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Every day, boxes of alcohol are delivered to these stores to replenish the stock. The stores are usually looking for a way to dispose of the boxes to free up storage space. So, they will be more than willing to give out the boxes. This makes liquor stores one of the safest bets when it comes to getting free moving boxes. Try and get the boxes with lids as this will make packing and sealing much easier. These boxes are small and sturdy making them ideal for packing your books, DVDs, and CDs.

4.      Local Bookstores

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Just like the liquor stores, book stores are also a great place to check for free moving boxes. These boxes are strong and sturdy. This makes them ideal for packing fragile items that are prone to breakage or tear.

5.      Your Local Grocery Stores

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You can ask your local grocery stores to save their apple and banana delivery boxes. Ask them to let you know when you can collect the boxes. These are very strong boxes and most come with lids. You can use these boxes to pack your fragile items as they come very well padded. Just make sure to use tape to seal the spaces in the sides and bottom.

6.      Starbucks

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Starbucks stores get at least two shipments each week. This makes them an ideal place to check for free packing boxes. The boxes range in size and it’s usually best to ask them to hold the larger boxes for you. These can be used to store the light but bulky items.

7.      Mcdonald’s Fry Boxes

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Boxes from Mcdonald’s are strong enough and perfect for packing heavy items that don’t need a large box. The original contents of these boxes are frozen. Thus, you do not need to worry about the boxes being smelly or greasy. You can check the McDonald’s social media pages for alternative uses of their boxes.

Once you have your free packing boxes, contact Matco Calgaary Movers to schedule your move.