How to Feel at Home After You’ve Moved


Moving can be an overwhelming process. If you’re renting the new home, you don’t have much to work with if you want to customize your space to feel more like home. On the flipside, homebuyers have the luxury of repainting, constructing, and installing whatever it is they want. Nonetheless, you still have plenty of options as a renter. Here are some of the things to do after moving into a new house to make it feel like home.

1.      Get Rid of Those Boxes

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Don’t leave the packing boxes lying around after getting to your new home. Many people ignore the giant stack of boxes for weeks on end due to their busy schedules. Unpack as soon as you arrive and get rid of the boxes.

2.      Put on Your Favorite Music

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Unpacking need not be a boring affair. Put on some background music and dance as you unpack your stuff. Not only does music help reduce stress, but it also makes the work less daunting. You won’t even realize how much you’ll have gotten done in a few hours.

3.      Unpack the Big Things

Unpack the Big Things

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You should start by unpacking all the big things. Furniture, lamps, and anything else that fits this description. These items will help create the blueprint of your new space. These items will also dictate where everything else goes. You’ll feel right at home even before you’re done unpacking everything.

4.      Make the Bed

 Make the Bed

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Want to make your new home cozy and comfortable? How about you unpack and make your bed. Use the new bedding you bought and make your bedroom the cozy little haven it was in your previous abode. You can snuggle in any time and get some rest from the tiring move.

5.      Prepare the Bathroom

Prepare the Bathroom

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Unpack the items meant for your bathroom that you use every day. Set up your medicine cabinet and make up on your mind on how you want your sink and vanity area to look. While doing this may not seem like much, it will go a long way towards making your new house feel like a home.

6.      Open Up the Space

Open Up the Space

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If your new home is smaller than the old one, you might want to open it up to give the impression of more space. Get rid of the claustrophobic feelings by using soft incandescent bulbs that are a great alternative to natural light.  It would also make sense to get rid of some of your furniture and use space more wisely to avoid making the room look cramped.

7.      Unpack Items that Remind you of Home

Unpack Items that Remind you of Home

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One of the quickest ways to settle in is to unpack the things that remind you of home immediately after you’ve arrived. Pictures of family and friends, mementos you’ve owned for years, or anything that brings back warm memories. You’ll enjoy reminiscing about the good old times and even feel much better as you settle into your new home.

8.      Conduct a Security Check

Conduct a Security Check

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You won’t feel at home until you feel secure. Check all windows and doors for any security issues after you’ve moved in.  If there are any issues, inform the property manager immediately to have them sorted out. This is one of the things to do after moving into a new house to make it feel like home.

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