5 Foods Items High in Probiotics Promoting Better Human Health


Over the past decade, a lot of education has continued to be done on the benefits of probiotics. In this time, it has been very clear that incorporating probiotics into your diet is very beneficial. When you are looking for ways to include probiotics into your diet, you should focus on eating foods that are full of them. There are five foods in particular that are full of healthy probiotics and could easily fit into your diet plan.

1. Pickles

One food that might surprise a lot of people that is full of probiotics are pickles. While pickles are typically considered a snack, they happen to be fermented completely with probiotics. For those that are looking to get more probiotics into their diet, having a pickle as a delicious snack could be a great option. However, when you are going to eat pickles, you should also consider the amount of sodium that is in them.

2. Certain Cheeses


When you are looking for foods that absorb biotics, one type of food that you should consider are certain types of cheese. While not all cheeses are full of probiotics, some fermented cheeses are loaded with them. Some of the most common cheeses that are full of probiotics include cheddar, swiss, and gouda. While all of these foods are great for those that are looking to eat more probiotics, they are still cheese and can have a lot of fat. Because of this, you should try not to over-indulge in cheese all of the time.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar


For the past few years, one of the largest health food craves has revolved around apple cider vinegar. During this time period, you likely have read about a lot of different health benefits that come with drinking apple cider vinegar. While not all of these benefits are accurate and true, there are still some that have been proven and are factual. One of the benefits of consuming apple cider vinegar is that they are full of probiotics. Because of this, you should look to incorporate it into your diet when you can.

4. Kombucha

Another very popular beverage for those that are interested in health and fitness is kombucha. This product is widely considered to be one of the best sources of probiotics. There are also a wide variety of other benefits that come with it as well including helping someone to better manage their bacteria and getting more B-vitamins. All of these could help anyone to be more well-rounded when trying to improve your overall health.

5. Kimchi and Sauerkraut

If you are looking for a good topping to a sandwich, or a tasty side, adding in some kimchi and sauerkraut could be a great option. Both of these foods go through a fermentation process that helps to increase the amount of probiotics in them. At the same time, they are made from cabbage and other vegetables, which will help to provide you with additional vitamins and fiber. However, some brands still have a lot of sodium in them.